Fidelity Wars #6: Tilly And The Wall – “Beat Control”

I was introduced to the indie pop group Tilly And The Wall through the radio a few weeks ago. I was driving home from friends, jumping between stations, when I suddenly heard a catchy electronica pop song urging me to let the beat take control and start dancing. I did some research and managed to find out the name of the band and that the song I’d heard was entitled “Beat Control” – and it’s this week’s featured tune.

Tilly And The Wall – “Beat Contol”

“Beat Control” was released as a three-song digital single and as a two-song seven inch March this year; it can’t be found on any of their albums, even though their latest album, the lower-case o, was released in June this year, so giving it a proper album home wouldn’t have been hard. This is definitely one of their strongest songs so why they wouldn’t want to include it on an album I’m not sure. Could be that they just didn’t feel it fit very well into the overall sound on their last album, or it could be that they actually make more money through online sales rather than actual CD sales – ergo making a catchy song mainly available to purchase online might be a financially smart move. But I can only speculate.

One of my first reactions when I started finding out about the band was “Why haven’t anyone told me about them?” They seemed to be pretty well known in the indie miljø, and for some reason I became convinced that indie youngster and superstar Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes was a member of the band, mostly doing backing vocals to the female lead but also some main vocals. Just listen to their song “Sing Songs Along” and tell me that doesn’t that sound like him! Turns out that it’s someone completely different. But it also turns out that, by some strange coincidence, the band is signed to the label Team Love Records which was started by -  guess who – Conor Oberst.

The band is apparently known for having a tap dancer instead of a drummer, though the drums in this track appear to be produced electronically. When listening through some of their non-electronic works I never really noticed, though I thought the percussion had a peculiar sound; sounded like stomping or maybe sticks being hit against one another and more bombastic than normal drums, but I never thought to myself “These drum-like sounds must be the product of tap dancing”.

Tilly And The Wall is not my new favourite band, but they have some fun and catchy songs – this one in particular – and I look forward to hearing more from and of them. I hope they’ll continue doing more electronically produced music.

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