Fidelity Wars #45: Wonder Pets! – “Poor Baby Squirrel”

When rummaging through the bargain bin of the multimedia store Platekompaniet at the Oslo City shopping mall last Saturday, I was surprised to stumble over a copy of Born To Play CD of music from The Backyardigans show for 60 NOK. It’s not a show that appears to be popular here in Norway (yet), and I’m guessing Norwegian stores don’t get many requests for children’s CDs in English. Unfortunately its cardboard cover was in awful condition, or I would’ve bought it.

But I was equally surprised to find the CD for the children’s show Wonder Pets! in the same bin for the same price. Though it had a slightly worn cover as well, its cover was of the simple see-through jewel case variety and easily replaceable if desired. So I decided to buy it.

When I went to the counter I enquired if it would be possible to get, or maybe even buy, a new cover for the CD as it was a bit worn. The last time I requested this, from a different store that’s a part of the same franchise, I got the cover for free with my purchase. But this time I had to pay for it, an extra 7 NOK. And the case I got didn’t even come with the tray. If the other parts of the CD’s cover are worn, what would make you think the exposed front tray spine would not be equally worn? The lady behind the counter didn’t exactly look happy, which may have affected her judgment and customer satisfaction skills, and the subpar transaction caused her bad mood to spread to me as well; this incident definitely put me in a bad mood for a couple of hours, despite having just found a neat bargain.

So to the employees of Platekompaniet: please give the customers free and complete plastic jewel case CD covers if they request it and the CD they are about to purchase has some obvious wear. I’m guessing the actual covers can’t be all that expensive, and it helps keep the customers happy, which most business folk seem to believe is a good idea.

Anyway, this week’s music selection is from the newly acquired Wonder Pets! CD, which now has a slightly less worn cover – the exception being the front spine.

Wonder Pets! – “Poor Baby Squirrel”

Wonder Pets!

As mentioned in a previous installment of Fidelity Wars, there is some genuinely good children’s music out there, both enjoyable by adults and children alike. It might not be in the majority, but it does exist. The music for the Wonder Pets! is among this minority. Its music is reminiscent of that of musicals, and it’s at times so sweeping and lush that it’s almost ridiculous. While the different music pieces features some different styles and influences, and thus also instruments, there’s generally a string section doing most of the work, giving the music its grandiose feel.

The song “Poor Baby Squirrel” is probably the most grandiose song on this CD, featuring the always adorable (and always sewious) duckling Ming Ming debating whether or not to save a baby squirrel on her own or going to get help from her team.

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