Fidelity Wars #44: The Straight Story – “Rose’s Theme”

I have been having some internet problems after a rather boisterous thunderstorm, so haven’t been able to write on many entries lately. I’ll also be vacationing some the next couple of weeks, so this blog may be a li’l quiet for a while.

I’ll just get right down to it, then. This week’s pick is a track off the gorgeous soundtrack to David Lynch’s film The Straight Story, composed by Angelo Badalamenti. It’s perhaps one of if not the best work from him, with a lovely melancholy country feel to it, almost reminding me of the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain, except more playful. The actual film was, unfortunately, rather dull. Perhaps interesting as a piece of cinema, but definitely not as a narrative. Thank goodness for the lovely music that came with it.

The Straight Story – “Rose’s Theme”

Straight Story

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  1. PartyRichter says:

    Thanks for posting this. Fabulous piece of music for a fabulous film.

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