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Billy Bragg Volume 2

As some may recall, I complained about not having received the Billy Bragg Volume 2 box set that I’d ordered from, and I speculated that they would never send it to me either as I guessed they were just clearing out their stock of said item and had no plans of ordering additional copies. Well, my claims were proven wrong when it arrived in the mail maybe a week or two ago! So thank you,! Now, if they could only offer the first volume box set at the same price I paid for the second volume, or maybe send the other CDs I’ve ordered from them a while back but not yet received. (Which include Malediction And Prayer by Diamanda Galás, Eban And Charley by Stephin Merritt, and Calling Out Of Context by Arthur Russell. Mind you, does not charge you for a product until it’s been sent.)

The box set includes four of Billy Bragg’s albums, each of which comes with a bonus disc of miscellaneous extra tracks – mostly demo recordings, but also live tracks and some songs which I’m guessing are either B-sides or unreleased tracks or maybe from some compilations. Also included is an exclusive live DVD, a booklet containing the lyrics for all of the four albums, and a promotional post card for Billy Bragg’s book.

Billy Bragg Volume 2

I’m slowly working my way through it, having now gone through three out of the eight CDs. I found that one of them refused to play on pretty much all CD players though, including a DVD player that it was tested on, but it played fine on my computer. Very odd. I’m tempted to contact to report this, and ask if a replacement of this disc – which would be the Don’t Try This At Home album – would be possible, but not sure if they could do that without. I think I should also work my way through the remaining five CDs to find out if they all work okay or not.

In other consumer news, my institute at the university was giving away various Norwegian-translated academic books last Thursday, all brand new! Apparently ones that were left over after a donation they’d received from some library. You could pretty much help yourself to what you wanted. While there weren’t any that made me go “OMG! *faint*” there were several that made me go “Huh, this looks somewhat neat” and I ended up taking a total of eleven books with me home. Will I ever read them all? Probably not, but it’s both fun and useful to have a small library at your disposal, to be able to look stuff up just by going to your own bookshelf. The only problem is shelf space; no idea where I can squeeze in this handsome, newly acquired stack…


And finally, in less pleasant consumer news, my local post office has managed to misplace a package that was waiting for me; when I went to pick it up, they were unable to find it. They pondered if it had, by mistake, been sent to a different post office, and asked me to ask for it at the post office that’s the second most local. I’m predicting they won’t have it there either, though.

I’m not quite sure what this missing package contains. I’m currently expecting two books, each from two different sellers on, as well as a small bunch of posters and prints from an eBay seller. If the package is lost, I’m hoping it’s not the latter, as it contains a fairly hard to come by Werewolf: The Apocalypse promo poster. The books are easily replaceable, but that poster isn’t.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition Promo Poster

Ah, nostalgia. Plus unspeakable horrors from another dimension.

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