Everything, Except Country And Rap

It’s curious just how many people answer, when asked what music they like, “I listen to everything, except country and rap”. I actually used to say so myself, until I actually found out that, hey, there is actually some decent rap and country music out there. Such as this country song performed by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and this rap song by MC Chris. The “mainstream songs” within both genres may be poor, sure, which is what you usually hear on the radio, but there’s quality to be found in the outskirts.

But of course, ’tis all subjective, and so forth. Still, I find it odd how so many seem to dislike these two specific genres, but who like and listen to everything else (according to themselves, at least). A friend of mine who shared my sentiments of slight annoyance on the matter mentioned that he liked to make the following comeback: “So who’s your favourite polka artist?”

I’m guessing rap and country gets singled out as they’re fairly mainstream genres (at least in the USA), so many people are exposed – and perhaps overexposed - to them. Other, more exotic genres may not have had the chance to raise their ire; I’m sure a fair number of people who say they dislike country and rap but listen to “everything else” would prefer either of these two genres over noise music, freestyle jazz, or, as mentioned above, polka.

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