Fidelity Wars #42: Figures On A Beach – “No Stars” (Club Remix)

DJ and musician Christopher Ewen joined up with singer-songwriter Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields to form their Future Bible Heroes side-project. That was how I came to know about Ewan and his old 80s band, Figures On A Beach, and consequently stumbled over a club remix (as opposed to non-club remixes) of one of their songs, which is the song I’m featuring this week.

Figures On A Beach – “No Stars” (Club Remix)

This is a very fun little 80s synth-pop song, and definitely something I would seriously considering putting on the playlist if I was ever a DJ at a club. I also think it sounds incredibly gay, which to me only adds a bit to the fun of the song. But a lot of music from the 80s does sounds quite gay to me.

I’ve had a lot of fun dancing around sillily to this song in my room in the past when I’ve been feeling blue, and it has definitely helped me feel better. Thank you, song! I hope it may inspire a few others to shake their tush about, too.

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