A Review Of Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi is perhaps best known to the public at large as the director behind the blockbuster Spider-Man films. But before that time, he made his directorial debut directing the Evil Dead trilogy films, which are considered cult classics within the horror genre. Sort of like director Peter Jackson, who also started out doing horrors which are now considered cult classics, but now is most known as being the director behind the blockbuster Lord Of The Rings films.

Drag Me To HellI just saw Raimi’s latest flick at the cinema in Oslo, a horror film entitled Drag Me To Hell about a young woman who must fend off a gypsy curse. It’s sort of a throwback to Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy and his earlier days as a director, a horror film that’s not afraid to be funny, camp and outrageous, but at the same time managing to create an interesting  story and characters you can genuinely care about. It was a very enjoyable movie going experience, and it felt refreshing to hear a character utter the line “Choke on it, bitch!” without it sounding forced.  Definitely worth seeing if you like horror films.

At the cinema they had cranked the volume up to higher-than-normal, which was uncomfortable at times, but very much suited the film as it had a lot of scenes with sounds that were meant to be uncomfortable, and it made made the sudden suspenseful scenes that more effective. I’m guessing this was something all cinemas showing the film had been instructed to do.

The film isn’t perfect though, and there are a few minor things I’d like to nitpick at, things which should’ve been done a bit differently. The little “twist” towards the end was far too obvious, and you could see it coming a mile away (or at least maybe 15 minutes away), which made what should’ve been a tense and climatic couple of scenes rather less so.

I also wish most of the CGI effects could’ve been removed in favour of, well, non-CGI effects. Or at least that the CGI effects could have been better than they were, as there were a few scenes where the CGI was way too obvious and simply didn’t look right.

And finally, something that isn’t about the movie itself but something pertaining to it: the movie’s poster (see above) doesn’t look particularly good. The flames at the bottom don’t at all match with the colour scheme above, and overall it looks ugly and uninteresting. The poster on its own doesn’t really make me want to see the film, nor does it differentiate it from the  run-of-the-mill horror film.

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