Fidelity Wars #41: The Backyardigans – “Go, Go, Go!”

A friend recently introduced me to the music of The Backyardigans, which is a children’s show about a group of 3D animated animal kids who engage in elaborate make-believe games. There’s heavy emphasis on music – as well as dance choreography to go with it – with each episode featuring several songs, and often they’ll borrow a public domain song and re-invent it – like “Row Your Boat”, “Limbo Rock”, or “With Cat-Like Tread, Upon Our Prey We Steal”. They also play around with different musical styles, from bossa nova to polka.

This particular song has been stuck in my head lately, entitled “Go, Go, Go!” from the Born To Play album. I believe it’s a full-on original, but I could be wrong.

Backyardigans - Born To Play

The Backyardigans – “Go, Go, Go!”

I’ve not seen the episode it’s from, but the lyrics seem to be about racing, the characters singing that they need to go go go go go to gain momentum. I love the bare-bones ramshackle sound of the arrangement, with only a violin, an accordion, and drums holding it all together, sounding almost like an indie band in my ears (minus the pretentiousness). I also love how the kids sing from the top of their lungs on this one, trying to sing loud enough for the chorus.

And so what if it’s a children’s songs? This is pretty good music, period. There’s certainly a lot of dull and condescending children’s music out there too, but there is some children’s music that’s genuinely good as well, managing to entertain both children and adults alike. Certainly the musical numbers from many of the Disney classics come to mind, and there are other TV-shows out there that have pretty decent music, like Animaniacs and even Bear In The Big Blue House. There are certain alternative bands and musicians who’ve dabbled with children’s music as well, They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Richman coming to mind, perhaps even obscuring the line between music meant for adults and music meant for kids.

So there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some children’s music now and then. As long as it’s good, of course.

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5 Responses to Fidelity Wars #41: The Backyardigans – “Go, Go, Go!”

  1. jIMPERFECT says:

    Backyardigans has some of the best children’s music out there. I have a 3 year old son and out of all the shows I am forced to watch, this one is the most enjoyable. One of the best songs on that show is “Eureka”. It’s so pleasant and harmonic, you’ll be singing that one all day too.

    • Eivind says:

      Good to hear I’m not alone in judging its music good, even by “adult standards”. The show also has some impressive choreography to go along with the songs. Another, slightly older preschool show that seems to have some pretty good music is Bear In The Big Blue House, as I also mentioned in my entry.

  2. jIMPERFECT says:

    Never seen Bear, but I couldn’t agree more about Backyardigans choreography. Every time I watch it I say to my wife that they MUST be using motion capture (like in many Hollywood films and video games). The moves are hilarious.

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  4. dad757 says:

    does anyone know where the melody for “row your boat” came from?

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