I’ll Get You Yet, Daredevil!

Okay, so I sit down to watch the director’s cut DVD of the Daredevil film with my parents, which I’ve had for maybe six months but not yet watched so it was still shrink wrapped.

When removing the plastic and opening it I am somewhat confused to find two discs inside, as I had only expected to find one. Neither disc gives any clear indication as to which contains the director’s cut film, being numbered only disc one and two with no information about their contents. I’d normally presume it would be the first disc, but maybe that actually contained the original theatrical release and not the director’s cut? It doesn’t say anything about including both versions of the film, but then it doesn’t say anything about including two discs either.

Daredevil DVD - Director's Cut Double Disc

What the... a second disc?

So I try both discs, but only the first one has a clear “play movie” feature, so I figure that must be the right one. So, we start watching it…

… and it ends after about 90 minutes. The director’s cut was supposed to be 120 minutes in length, adding 30 minutes worth of new material.

Confused and enraged I go online and try to find out what the heck is going on, if the director’s cut is somehow accessible through some sub menu on the second disc. But after some light research it turns out the director’s cut edition is only supposed to have one disc, and that playing the director’s cut film is just a matter of pressing “play” on the first menu screen as I had done.

So it seems like what I have here is the theatrical release version, the one without all the extra footage and with two discs. But the cover is that of the director’s cut, and it was factory sealed. So I’m guessing there was some blunder at the factory, which is maybe why they were selling copies of this DVD for 20 NOK at the store – but without informing the customer.

According to the sleeve the film has 44 scenes, but my actual disc copy only had 32 scenes.

According to the sleeve the film has 44 scenes, but my actual disc copy only had 32 scenes.

So now I’m slightly less confused, but still pretty upset, both frustrated and sad as I’d looked forward to seeing it. Instead I’ve just wasted an evening seeing the same version of the film that I’d already seen in the theaters.

I still want to see the director’s cut, as the extra thirty minutes is supposed to make the film noticeably better (and perhaps it’d make the relationship between Matt and Elektra a tad more credible). But right now I’m not sure what to do. Having to pay full retail price for a film I thought I already had wouldn’t feel right, and with the theatrical cut of the film so fresh in my mind it may not be as satisfying to watch the director’s cut now as it otherwise would have been. So maybe I’ll just illegally download it sometime in the future.

The Daredevil Director's Cut DVD. Or so I thought.

The Daredevil Director's Cut DVD. Or so I thought.

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