Fidelity Wars #40: Billy Bragg – “The Marriage”

A friend of mine introduced me to the oft-political British “folk-punk” artist Billy Bragg last year with his apparently classic (and absolutely awesome) song “The Milkman Of Human Kindness”. Mister Bragg has a decent sized back catalogue of just over a dozen albums which I’m very slowly and casually dipping into.

A big dip would’ve been acquiring the box set simply titled Volume 2 from UK based online retailer, which collects four of his albums complete with several discs worth of bonus material, and even a live DVD! I saw this particular product on sale at their web store for 16.99 EUR and immediately ordered it. That was two months ago and they’ve yet to send me this product, and I’m worried that they never will either. My guess is that they marked the product down as they were clearing their stock of this bulky release, and that my order was too late in to get any of this clearance stock. So by the time I’d ordered they were all out, and they won’t be getting in any more (even though it’s marked as “awaiting stock” in my order history). Highly annoying, as it goes for a lot more than that through other retailers. So I probably won’t be buying his CDs anytime soon, as this and the previous set seems to be the best ways in which to get a Bragg dose, but they’re both too expensive for me.

But, on to my pick for the week! It’s a catchy ditty from Billy Bragg’s 1986 album Talking With The Taxman About Poetry about a boy who doesn’t quite see the connection between love and marriage.

Billy Bragg – “The Marriage”

Billy Bragg - Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

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3 Responses to Fidelity Wars #40: Billy Bragg – “The Marriage”

  1. Laura says:

    The idea of marriage makes me sort of depressed because I know that’s what my parents expect and what everyone around here my age is doing.
    It is gross and even the idea makes me feel trapped.
    Marx said it is another way for men to have ownership over women but I think it is a way for people to to have ownership over each other. I do not know many men who want to get married. It is for women who have no interests and makes them feel all valid and wanted. I really do not want or need to be validated through marriage.
    I hate the idea there is this legal contract or sorts binding me to this one person that costs a lot of money to make void and rip up. I never ever want to be married because I never ever want to have a divorce.
    You really should invest in Mr Bragg’s “Must I Paint You a Picture”, it makes me happy. Does that sound odd? Oh well.


    • Eivind says:

      I’m not quite sure what I think of marriage myself. I can understand why many find it oppressive or unnecessary, but I can also understand how it can be viewed as the ultimate act of love.
      And fortunately, as recounted in a recent entry, the Billy Bragg box set I’d ordered actually arrived in the end!

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