Fidelity Wars #5: Dennis Driscoll – “Lovely Lagoon”

Dennis Driscoll was mentioned in last week’s Fidelity Wars, so it seemed a natural progression to pick one of his songs for this week’s showcase. He’s an American singer-songwriter, making his debut in 1998 with the album Is It Love? and releasing four subsequent albums, not counting EPs and recently released online compilations. He has a peculiar, sweet voice, possibly securing himself a spot in my personal top ten list of vocalists, and I believe his music falls within the twee genre: often short, often catchy, often naïve, and no tedious guitar solos.

I would highly recommend picking up his second and in my opinion best album, Hello Dennis Driscoll, which has thirty-one tracks spanning from intimate lo-fi solo guitar recordings (“Foggy Day Ilwaco”) to less lo-fi recordings with strings and reverb (“Pretty One”) to rock’n’roll with drums and electric guitar (“At The Library”). One of my favourite tracks from this album is the following.

Dennis Driscoll – “Lovely Lagoon”

It seemed an appropriate pick for this week, what with Halloween and everything, and nothing says creepy and boo and “Oh my God what is that, it’s hideous!” like lagoons. And the lyrics mentions Edgard Allan Poe, one of the classic authors of modern horror. I must admit that I have no idea what the song is actually about though, describing a magical or fairy tale setting of goblins and rabbits and big yellow moons. Perhaps not the most horrorific lyrics, clever wordplay intended, but a lovely song, and the chorus certainly lends itself to some lovely mental images.

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