Wandering The Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands With April Shitface, Part 2

One thing that’s annoyed me while playing Fallout 3 is that you have a limited carrying capacity, which is determined by your strength. If you exceed this capacity you are told that you are overencumbered, and your character can no longer run, jump, or warp travel. In short, a tedious state to be in, making the game almost unplayable.

So to avoid becoming overencumbered, you must avoid carrying too much. This means making frequent trips to your home – if you have one – to put away various stuff you’ve picked up but don’t need to utilize in the near future.  But even if you do so, you may end up having to leave various loot behind due to your limited carrying capacity, or perhaps having to go back and forth between your home and wherever the loot is in order to pick up everything you want. This isn’t always convenient, as you can’t warp whilst in a dungeon level, which is where you’ll find a lot of the loot.

What exactly does this limit add to the game? It could be argued that it adds a sense of realism, as being able to carry an unlimited amount of loot just isn’t humanly possible and would perhaps be rather silly. But you are able to carry a pretty insane amount of stuff as it is; for example, April Shitface currently carries an assault rifle, a chinese rifle, a hunting rifle, a laser rife, a leafblower, a combat shotgun, combat armour, a lab coat, over a hundred stimpaks, several grenades and mines, some books, and thousands of bullets, just to mention a few items. This is all within her carrying capaity, and April isn’t a very strong girl. Being able to carry such an assortment of item hardly seems realistic, regardless of your strength.

So it could instead be argued that the main thing this capacity adds is an extra strategic level to the game. You’ll need to priorotize what you bring with you, priorotize what loot you pick up, and when making your character you’ll have to take carrying capacity into account when deciding how many points you want to put into your strength score. In my opinion though, this sort of strategising is hardly fun, only making an already long and tedious game even longer and more tedious, generally resulting in you either having to leave a lot of stuff or having to travel back and forth to get it all.

That’s my little rant for the week. Now over to the pictures.

Fallout 3 - 04

April Shitface met a vile man who offended her delicate feminine sensibilities. “Off with his head!” she demanded, and her weapon obeyed.

Can a bullet really take someone’s head off in this fashion? I’m guessing not, unless it was poorly attached to the body to begin with.


Okay, so I was making my way through one of of the lengthy underground levels, when a ghoul spotted me and started running towards me. Squatting, I cooly raise my rifle to take him out…


… but I’m surprised, amused and bewildered as the camera suddenly changes, and I see that April is only wearing her underwear! As if in some cliche nightmare; you’re shooting ghouls, only to realize you’re in your underwear. I’m guessing I was trying out a new outfit, but then forgot to put the old one back on afterwards. Haven’t we all been there before.

(And no, there’s no way to get your character completely naked, unfortunately. The post-apocalyptic citizens are total prudes.)


But the ghoul gets taken out, and April gets re-dressed. Is it me, or does this ghoul look like some sort of alien being? From what I’ve understood though, ghouls are humans who’ve been exposed to too much radiation.


I was hoping this would be my house in Megaton, which would give me a great view of the town. Unfortunately, it was already occupied. This is Lucas Simms’s house. But if you lift his house keys off him, you can get to enjoy the view from his nice balcony.

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