Fidelity Wars #39: David Lynch – “The Ghost Of Love” (From Inland Empire)

So I recently saw (and reviewed) David Lynch’s film Inland Empire and subsequently did some research on the film’s soundtrack, having liked most of the film’s music. Turns out none of the music for the film was by Angelo Badalamenti, the composer Lynch most often works with for his films. Instead, the majority of the music is by Lynch himself. This includes  the film’s most memorable piece, the song “Ghost Of Love”, on which David Lynch even sings himself (with some warbling effects added). This haunting tune is this week’s pick.

Inland Empire Soundtrack

David Lynch – “The Ghost Of Love”

This song almost makes up for my overall disappointment with the actual film. Just too bad the soundtrack is still being sold at full retail price at pretty much all online stores I’ve seen, which is above my means. Hoping I’ll stumble over it in a bargain bin some day. This, and the Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack for Lynch’s film The Straight Story.

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3 Responses to Fidelity Wars #39: David Lynch – “The Ghost Of Love” (From Inland Empire)

  1. Thank you! I was looking for this when the movie came out and couldn’t fin it anywhere! With the release of “his” new album I remembered I needed to find it and found it here from

    While this song is fantastic, it nowhere near makes up for the film or not using Angelo.

    • Eivind says:

      Glad to be of service, my good man! But what is this new album of which you refer? Is Lynch releasing an album? Or do you mean the Dark Night Of The Soul album, for which he contributed vocals on a couple of tracks and photographs?

      I may feature a track from Lynch’s film The Straight Story this weekend or sometime soon, so stay tuned!

  2. Marc says:

    Watched it again last night and tried to buy mp3 soundtrack but it’s not available from the sites we in South Africa are allowed to buy from…so I’ll have to find ’em individually where I can. Thanks for the track!

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