Fidelity Wars #38: The Hidden Cameras – “The Death Of A Tune” (Vinyl Version)

The band The Hidden Cameras probably doesn’t need an introduction among the average indie hipsters. But for those not in said crowd, The Hidden Cameras play alternative pop music with often homosexually themed lyrics and lush arrangements. If you see them play live you may be greeted by such surreal scenes as a the crowd dancing and singing along to the chorus line of the song “I Want Another Enema”. (Which, predictably, is I want another enema.)

I’m a moderate fan of theirs. I loved their big label debut album, The Smell Of Our Own from 2003, but have found their subsequent albums disappointing. Aside from their albums they have also done the odd EP, single and radio session, and I recently got my hands on a digital copy of their vinyl EP Learning The Lie from 2005. It features stripped down versions of three songs from their 2006 album Awoo, as well as one exclusive song. One of the stripped down songs is “Death Of A Tune”, one of my favourites from Awoo and my definite favourite from the Learning The Lie EP, and this stripped down version is this week’s pick.

The Hidden Cameras - Learning The Lie

The Hidden Cameras – “Death Of A Tune” (Vinyl Version)

I’m not sure whether I overall prefer the fast paced and bombastic album version, or this slower and more intimate version from the EP. They’re both great sounding approaches to a catchy melody. And I must admit I’m not sure what this song is actually about. Probably something homosexual, though.

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