Cast Single From Rocky Horror Show @ Chateau Neuf, 1996

I mentioned a little while back stumbling over and purchasing the cast single from the Rocky Horror Show production from 1996 at Chateat Neuf in Oslo at a fleamarket. So I tried doing some research on it, most notably posting on the RockyMusic forum, and it turns out the CD is a real rarity and has sold for over 200 USD on eBay in the past. Certainly a lot more than I’d expected it to be worth.

Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Chateau Neuf Back

The music doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else, through digital music shops or other sources, so there’s no real way for those who’d want to hear it to actually hear it other than getting their hands on an actual copy. But, as a few other Rocky Horror Show fans expressed their keenness on hearing this recording, I figured I might as well upload it here. (Though I’ve been worrying some that it might affect the resale price of the actual CD…) So, here it is, presented in the same order as on the CD. Enjoy!

“Deilig Transe”

“Science Fiction”


“Tidsflipp – Instrumental Remix”

The music is, in my opinion, not as good as on the Norwegian cast recording from 1977. But it’s not bad. It’s more rock oriented, with electric guitars. I really like their Columbia, which sound far better than the Columbia from the 1977 cast (which I really couldn’t stand). The remix I have mixed feelings about; the underlying guitar riff is pretty cool, but it gets drowned out by dull drum beats, and I wish they could have included an extra proper song instead.  The lyrics in this version are not the same that were used in the 1977 version, so they apparently did new translations for this production. There doesn’t appear to be any information included on who the performers are. The CD appears to be a promotional item for the show, with tons of sponsors listed but no record label, so I’m guessing it was never available for purchase in stores – though I could be wrong.

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6 Responses to Cast Single From Rocky Horror Show @ Chateau Neuf, 1996

  1. Kristian says:

    Now that I think about it… my very first encounter with the Rocky Horror Show was a newspaper article about that very production in 1996. It would be another 11 years or so before I finally saw the movie.

    • Eivind says:

      Interesting! Must be super special awesome for you to get to hear the music from this production, then.

  2. Morten Joachim says:

    Hi! I actually produced that recording. We recorded all og the songs, bit could not afford to make the cd. I still have the singbackversion, and think I soon willy get the full version. Nice to read about it 🙂 MJ

    • Eivind says:

      That’s very cool! Thank you for writing, Morten. Any chance of any of these recordings ever seeing the light of day, one way or the other? There are quite a few Rocky Horror fans out there, myself included, so there’d definitely be some interest in hearing them.

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks a lot for posting the MP3s! I had no idea there was a Norwegian production in 1996, and I was (positively) surpised to stumble across your blog entry.

    Let’s hope another Norwegian production will happen in the near future!

  4. Rob Bagnall says:

    Thanks so much for posting these tracks. This CD remains one of my much sought after Rocky Horror grails (another being the 2009 Mexican cast CD); I’ve been searching for it for years. My search will continue until hopefully one day it sits on my treasured Rocky Horror CD shelf. Until then though, it’s great to be able to actually hear the tracks (and I agree, it’s not as good as the original 1977 Norwegian cast recording – one of my all-time favourite Rocky Horror cast albums – but it’s still an enjoyable version). Thanks again. xx

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