Fidelity Wars #37: Nurse Witch Komugi – “Anata Ga Dai Kirai”

I finished watching the five-episode anime series Nurse Witch Komugi a few days ago. It uses characters from the anime sci-fi action horor series The Soul Taker – which I haven’t seen – and recasts them in this magical girl parody show. Our heroine is Komugi, a professional cosplayer idol who can turn into a magical nurse with a bunny ear costume to fight off evil.

I was first made aware of this series when I stumbled over the catchy and hyperactive Miko Miko Nurse music video. I was curious what anime it was, and set off to do some research to find out. It turned out the song is actually from a game called Miko Miko Nurse, but that the video was footage from the anime series Nurse Witch Komugi. Later I stumbled over the Nurse Witch Komugi DVD collection for about 5-7 EUR over at Sold!

The series was fun, but perhaps not particularly memorable. It’s like a less hyperactive, less offensive, more otaku oriented, easily digestible, but ultimately less funny Puni Puni Poemy, which is one of my all-time favourites. It is funny though, the visuals are bright and clean, the opening and closing songs are some of the catchier ones I’ve heard, and Komugi’s voice is like velvet coated with sugar in my ears (in other words, great voice acting). The series works very well as an aesthetic whole.

One of the episodes was a music video special, featuring songs and videoes starring the show’s cast. Rather unusual, and somewhat confusing at first, but overall very enjoyable due to the fun visuals and the high quality and the variation of the songs. The voice actress for Komugi, Haruko Momoi, is actually a professional singer as well, so I’m guessing they wanted to use that to their advantage.

A handful of CDs from the show has been released, featuring both songs from the actual anime and new original songs, but unfortunately these CDs are nigh impossible to find here in the west. It’s also night impossible to find any of the music for download, be it legally or illegally. I was able to find one of the show’s CDs for downloading though, but it was encoded in the esoteric mpc file format, and the quality seemed to me sub par. But better than nothing. Fortunately it did have my favourite song from the series, from the music video special, entitled “Anata Ga Dai Kirai” – and this is my pick for the week.

Nurse Witch Komugi CD

Nurse Witch Komugi – “Anata Ga Dai Kirai”

This is a pretty good pop sing! Not only is the melody catchy, but the lyrics are actually somewhat clever and relatable – at least judging from the English translation, though some of it may have been lost in translation. Here is a transcription of the first part of the song, transcribed from the YouTube video which you’ll find below.

About what I felt for you

I may have thought I loved you

But I was just being caught up in the moment

This weekend you stood me up again

Then on Monday, you just say “Sorry”

It’s about time I make you pay

Suddenly with a serious face, I call your name

As you turn around, I make my final special move

I really hate you

Everything about you

I hate it all

I don’t want to see you ever again

I threw away my pride, wanting to fall in love

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