Fidelity Wars #4: The Nimoys – “Rainb035”

Various videoes featuring the story of Christian The Lion have circulated the web. Few have been spared the touching tale of a lion’s reuinion with his former caretakers. Musician Dennis Driscoll made one such video:

I really like the music used in this video, and in my opinion it meshes well with what’s going on visually. The tune used is by the electronica duo The Nimoys and it’s entitled “Rainb035”, and that’s this week’s featured song.

The Nimoys – “Rainb035”

A lovely piece, but it might be one of those tunes that grow old quickly. Perhaps better not to put it on repeat. The other tunes by the band which I’ve heard samples of are more of the experimental electronica variety, and not so much the retro video game variety. You can buy and hear samples from the album this track is taken from here.

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