Fidelity Wars #34: Chicken Damage – “Furniture Store / Keep On”

I was introduced to the song “Furniture Store” through a recording of The Mountain Goats. Through research I find out that the song is originally by the band Furniture Huschle, and was later covered by the band Chicken Damage, for which John Darnielle – aka. The Mountain Goats – occasionally played drums.

The cover by Chicken Damage is pretty rockin’ and has been on heavy rotation on my Winamp. This is what DIY lo-fi indie rock should sound like! They’ve also mixed in the song “Keep On” from the popular The Brady Bunch sitcom. I wish they could’ve repeated the actual song “Furniture Store” (which is pretty brief) one or two times more though, before shifting to “Keep On”. It’s a fun piece none the less, and my pick for the week.

Chicken Damage – “Furniture Store / Keep On”

As an added bonus, I’ll throw in the live version by The Mountain Goats mentioned above, too.

The Mountain Goats – “Furniture Store”

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