Fidelity Wars #33: Ludacris – “Stand Up” (The Small Is Beautiful Remix)

From what I’ve understood, The Small Is Beautiful is the pseudonym for a solo hip-hop remix project by Jamie Thompson, former member of indie rock bands The Unicorns and Islands. He has released an online, free-to-download collection of his remixes, simply titled The Mixtape, available at his blog. I’m not normally one for hip-hop, but there are a few exceptions – a few of them which can be found on this tape, and one of which is this week’s pick.

Ludacris – “Stand Up” (The Small Is Beautiful Remix)

The Small Is Beautiful

The lyrics are pretty hilarious, over-the-top hip-hop gibberish, taken straight from the original, but is given a wonderful melody, creating a satisfying overall package – much like Andreas Dorau’s remix of Scooter‘s “Aiii Shot The DJ”. Looking forward to the next remix collection.

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