Fidelity Wars #32: Oingo Boingo – “Little Girls”

Before Danny Elfman made it big as a composer for film and television, he was the songwriter and vocalist of the new wave band Oingo Boingo. I’m not very familiar with the band’s music. I believe I tried a few songs at random a few years back, without really being smitten.

But last week I stumbled over this fan made music video using footage from the anime series Azumanga Daioh! combined with Oingo Boingo‘s song “Little Girls”, which I hadn’t previously heard. Said song is my pick for the week.

Oingo Boingo – “Little Girls”

It’s pretty catchy. As for the lyrics… I like them, but they’re definitely a bit cringe worthy, especially in the company of others, as the song seems to obviously be about a man who, well, likes little girls. Presumably young teenagers as opposed to full-fledged children, though. Songs don’t always have to be about things you or the musicians endorse, right? Just like with films and books.

A few interpretations of the song can be found over at SongMeanings, including this one, claiming to have knowledge about the song’s origins and theme straight from the source:

[Danny Elfman] apparently had seen many wannabe movie producers riding around in their cars with very young girls, and it disgusted him so much to the extent that he wrote this song. He also added how small and immature the girls looked that they wouldn’t ask any questions as to what they were doing – they would simply DO it.

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