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Am I Internet Famous Now?!

Earlier this year I had my e-mail read aloud and responded to on the video game themed podcast The Oddcast. Well, it’s happened again. This time on the Bombcast, the weekly podcast from the video game website Giantbomb. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #93: Tokyo Brass Style – “Rouge No Dengon”

Christmas eve is just around the corner, so it’s about time to get out the Christmas and Christmas-ish music. This week’s pick falls within the latter category; it has nothing to do with the season, but it’s a swingin’ brass-based … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #92: Jenny Toomey – “Every Little Bit Hurts”

Jenny Toomey is an indie musician with two solo-CDs to her name, once of which is Tempting, with the descriptive subtitle Sings The Songs Of Franklin Bruno. Franklin Bruno is another indie musician, known as the singer-songwriter behind the band … Continue reading

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Norli’s Comic Book Blowout

Norli is a chain of book stores here in Norway. There is a larger Norli store at Sandvika Storsenter, a local shopping mall, which has had an impressive collection of graphic novels and mangas, something you don’t generally find much … Continue reading

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