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Achievements & Sideburns

As there will be a class reunion taking place this Summer for one of my two high schools, which it looks like I’ll be attending, I’ve decided to let my sideburns grow again. These class reunion affairs seem to generally … Continue reading

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Am I Internet Famous Now?

I’m following a number of video game related podcasts, one of which is The Oddcast over at The podcast is hosted by a fun collection of characters, and generally they talk about the more amusing things that are going … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #73: Jónsi – “Animal Arithmetic”

For some reason, I own a total of five albums from Sigur Rós. But the only one you really need is Ágætis  Byrjun; all the others seem to just be iterations of the same elements without enough innovation to keep … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #72: Kíla – “Epicy”

My friend Kristian (hi Kristian!) introduced me to the animated film The Secret Of Kells from 2009, which tells the story of the creation of The Book Of Kells. As I’m not very familiar with the book’s origins myself, I … Continue reading

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The Society Of Poor Academics, Live At Fuel Café Bar In Manchester

On Friday, roughly a week ago – 30th April – I made my live debut, performing under my pseudonym The Society Of Poor Academics at Fuel Café in Manchester. I had been invited to perform by my friend Tom, a … Continue reading

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