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Fidelity Wars #37: Nurse Witch Komugi – “Anata Ga Dai Kirai”

I finished watching the five-episode anime series Nurse Witch Komugi a few days ago. It uses characters from the anime sci-fi action horor series The Soul Taker – which I haven’t seen – and recasts them in this magical girl … Continue reading

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The Problem With Malkavians

The Malkavian are one of the thirteen vampire clans in the (popular but now defunct) roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade. Each vampire clan have their defining characteristics, like the Gangrel who are known for being feral loners, or the Toreador … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #36: Sonic Rush Adventure – “Hidden Island”

The super fast hedgehog Sonic made his debut in 1991 on Sega’s Mega Drive video game console, giving Nintendo’s mascot Super Mario a run for his money. Sonic spawned a number of successful sequels, loved by both fans and critics, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Very Keen On Buying Digital Music

I’ve been wanting to buy two Darren Hayman releases for a while: the EPs Losing My Glue and Songs For Harmonium And Drum Machine. The former was only available on CD as a free give away at a show, whereas … Continue reading

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Fleamarket Findings

For the last three or so years, I’ve taken to hitting the quarterly fleamarket scene. Perhaps odd considering that I’m a bit of a mint condition freak,as most items at fleamarkets have been heavily used (or at least not been … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #35: The Books feat. José González – “Cello Song”

My internet problems are still present, but the music won’t be stopped! It marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me. Do not ignore my veins!  </Invader Zim reference> My pick for this week is … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #34: Chicken Damage – “Furniture Store / Keep On”

I was introduced to the song “Furniture Store” through a recording of The Mountain Goats. Through research I find out that the song is originally by the band Furniture Huschle, and was later covered by the band Chicken Damage, for … Continue reading

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Master’s Thesis Reference Tower

Due to problems with the internet (or rather the router and my computer’s network card), I have been unable to do any blogging for the past couple of weeks. There are still problems present, but I’m hoping everything will be … Continue reading

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