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Fidelity Wars #33: Ludacris – “Stand Up” (The Small Is Beautiful Remix)

From what I’ve understood, The Small Is Beautiful is the pseudonym for a solo hip-hop remix project by Jamie Thompson, former member of indie rock bands The Unicorns and Islands. He has released an online, free-to-download collection of his remixes, … Continue reading

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Wolverine: Origins

Wednesday last week I saw the film Wolverine: Origins. This film has gotten mixed reviews, both by fans and critics. What I thought of it? It was okay. Not bad, not good, but simply okay. Cliches around every corner, possible … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #32: Oingo Boingo – “Little Girls”

Before Danny Elfman made it big as a composer for film and television, he was the songwriter and vocalist of the new wave band Oingo Boingo. I’m not very familiar with the band’s music. I believe I tried a few … Continue reading

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Physical vs. Non-Physical

After OnLive was announced, the internets has been ablaze with discussions of having physical vs. non-physical copies of games. OnLive is a service that’s supposed to let you play any computer game on any TV, not having to invest in … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars #31: THE iDOLM@STER – “Watashi Ha Idol” (The Legend of Valkyrie – 8bit Mix)

Those crazy Japanese. What are they up to now? Apparently they’re releasing a series of 8bit-ified versions of songs from their popular video game franchise THE IDOLM@STER, a franchive I have talked about in a previous post. I happened to … Continue reading

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Fidelity Wars Volume 2

Another fifteen weeks, another volume of Fidelity Wars. Last week the 30th entry was posted, so here is the soon-to-be-traditional compilation of tracks that have been featured since the last compilation, which should be able to fit neatly onto a … Continue reading

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